Sanofi, Roche team up to drive adoption of smart insulin pen

Sanofi and Roche have joined forces in France, teaming up to drive adoption of a connected add-on for disposable insulin pens. The partners will jointly develop a scientific program for physicians and retail pharmacists around the Biocorp product.

Biocorp partnered with Sanofi almost two years ago. That deal gave Sanofi rights to distribute Mallya, which adds smart features to insulin pens, and tasked Biocorp with developing an exclusive version of the connected technology for Sanofi’s SoloStar delivery devices. Since then, Biocorp has launched Mallya in markets including its home country of France. 

Roche Diabetes France is partnered with Biocorp in its home country. Sanofi and Roche shared more details of the three-way relationship last week, issuing a statement about how they plan to increase uptake of Mallya.

"We are convinced of the relevance of digital solutions in the management of patients with diabetes. To share this point of view with doctors and pharmacists, Roche and Sanofi will organize in the coming months a dozen physical and virtual events,” Frédéric Jacquey, president of Roche Diabetes Care France, said in a statement.

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The theme of the planned events is “Insulin therapy and connected ecosystem for the benefit of type 2 diabetes patients,” Jacquey said. Sanofi and Roche see the scientific program as a way to drive adoption of the technology by explaining how it connects to a broader ecosystem.

Mallya automatically collects the insulin doses selected by the patient, creating a record of their injection history. Through a connection with Accu-Chek blood glucose meters, the Gluci-Chek mobile application and the Roche Diabetes Care Platform, the injection data sit alongside other information such as the patient’s blood glucose results.