Priority for pSivida's Iluvien; Patent, job, Tweet, and Video of the week;

>  The FDA has granted priority review status for Iluvien, a sustained drug delivery system to treat diabetic macular edema. Iluvien was designed by Watertown, MA-based pSivida and licensed to Alimera Sciences based in Alpharetta, GA. Report

>  The Institute of Nanotechnology and Cranfield University in the United Kingdom will present a one-day short course, "Nanotechnology for drug delivery," in association with Pharmidex, on Sept. 30. Event

>  Using carbon nanotubes to delivery siRNA. Abstract

>  Coming attractions from the FDA: New guidance and consensus standards on nanotechnology as part of its 2011 Nanotechnology Regulatory Science Initiative. Bulletin

>  A transdermal patch for delivery of contraceptives is among the offerings in India's first patent tech auction. Report

Drug delivery patent of the week: Targeted drug delivery of pain and addiction therapies using opioid receptor-mediated internalization. Patent

Drug delivery job of the week: Dry Powder Inhaler Formulator--3M Drug Delivery Systems Division, Maplewood, MN. Listing

Drug delivery Tweet of the week: @juhayy I think I died a little inside after a short lecture on intraocular way of drug delivery. Five ways of sticking a needle in the eyeball: oh my. Tweet

And Finally... CNN discovers the flu patch. Video

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