Phosphagenics, 3M a step closer to oxycodone patch

Australia's Phosphagenics says it is a step closer to commercializing an oxycodone "pain patch" after reporting some success with its partner on the project, 3M Drug Delivery Systems. 3M has refined Phosphagenics' initial prototype and is continuing to develop the product in 3M's Minnesota labs. Clinical trials are scheduled for later this year, the Phosphagenics says.

The company says that there are many possible applications to its platform technology, it will stick to the potentially lucrative oxycodone delivery application as its primary focus. "While we continue demonstrating the versatility of our platform technology in cosmeceutical and dermatology products, we remain focused on our high caliber pharmaceutical agenda," Phosphagenics' CEO Esra Ogru said in a statement.

Phosphagenics' secret sauce is what it calls its TPM (Targeted Penetration Matrix) technology, which is made up of vitamin E phosphates. The company says TPM has been shown to enhance dermal, transdermal and oral absorption of compounds. And 3M has helped Phosphagenics develop its technology.

"Working with 3M with its expertise in patch technology and manufacturing has enabled us to refine and dramatically improve the delivery of oxycodone patch," Ogru said in a release.

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