Phillips-Medisize creates low-waste digital drug delivery device

The Aria Smart Autoinjector platform (Molex)

Phillips-Medisize has introduced a digital drug delivery device designed to reduce the environmental impact of autoinjectors. The product, the Aria Smart Autoinjector, consists of a reusable drive and disposable cassette that Phillips-Medisize claims can reduce waste by up to 50%.

Autoinjectors simplify self-administration to make it easier for patients to manage their conditions at home. Shifting treatment from healthcare facilities to the home can benefit patients and lower the cost of care. However, while reduced travel to healthcare facilities is a positive for the environment, the single-use nature of autoinjectors is a negative.

Phillips-Medisize, a Molex company, has sought to mitigate the environmental impact by reusing part of the autoinjector. The cassette that houses the 1-ml or 2.25-ml prefilled syringe is disposable but, according to Phillips-Medisize, is smaller and uses less material than single-use autoinjectors.   

Users insert the cassette into a reusable device. Reusing part of the Aria autoinjector has enabled Phillips-Medisize to incorporate connectivity without incurring the waste of throwing away electronic components after one use. The reusable component has Bluetooth and optional RFID connections to enable the sharing of time-stamped data and provides feedback on the progress of injections. 

“Our goal from the outset has been to develop an injector that patients love, combining the simplicity of current disposable devices with the superior performance, sustainability and connectivity possible through an electronic, reusable device,” Kevin Deane, vice president for innovation at Phillips-Medisize, said in a statement.

The introduction of Aria provides more evidence that autoinjector manufacturers are considering the environmental impact of their products. Last year, Ypsomed introduced what it claimed was the first zero-carbon emission autoinjector. 

YpsoMate Zero lacks the reusable or electronic features of Aria. Rather, the focus is on the use of alternative biopolymers and other changes intended to reduce carbon emissions. Ypsomed is using carbon dioxide certificates from third parties and its own activities, such as a reforestation initiative, to offset the greenhouse gas generated during production.