Particle Sciences Receives Patent for its Surface Arrayed Therapeutics Drug Delivery Platform

BETHLEHEM, Pa., April 6, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Particle Sciences, a leading drug delivery CDMO, has received a Notice of Allowance for composition and use of the technology incorporated into its SATx™ platform.  The SATx™ platform covers several structures that combine nanoparticles with surface bound large molecules.  The technology has utility in applications ranging from oncology to vaccines.  According to Mark Mitchnick, CEO, "Particle Sciences has been steadily building our drug delivery intellectual property portfolio and this is one more significant step.  Recently we presented SATx™ at the American Chemical Society in a podium presentation which was very well received.  Using this platform we are able to offer our clients a real alternative to typical ADC approaches, one that can be rapidly prototyped and does not require the use on any new chemical entities."  Robert Becker, Vice President Biopharmaceutical Sales and Business Development, added that "Particle Sciences has made a significant investment in both the formulation and analytic support of biologics.  The SATx™ technology is a disruptive nanoparticle platform that gives our clients new options for improving the potency, safety, and utility of both large and small molecule therapeutics that can't be found elsewhere.  For clients looking to leverage their new biopharmaceuticals and vaccines, and those seeking to develop "bio-betters" the SATx™ platform should be seriously considered and evaluated."

Particle Sciences is an integrated provider of drug development services. Particle Sciences focuses on BCS II/III/IV molecules, biologics and highly potent compounds through a variety of technologies including emulsions, gels, micro and nano-particulates, drug/device combination products, solid solutions and others. Particle Sciences is FDA registered and DEA licensed. Through a full range of formulation, analytic, and manufacturing services, Particle Sciences provides pharmaceutical companies with a complete and seamless development solution that minimizes the time and risk between discovery and the clinic. The company was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  Visit, email [email protected] or contact us at (610) 861- 4701 for information.

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