Parenteral drug delivery; DNA origami builds a drug-delivery monorail;

> Pharma magazine takes in in-depth look at the commercialization of parenteral drug delivery systems based on microspheres, nanotechnology and implants. Article

> Inovio Pharmaceuticals unveils needle-free, contactless electroporation technology for DNA vaccine delivery Inovio release

> Lacerta Bio has a new client: A nanoparticle-based formulation and drug delivery company. More here

> Greystone Research Associates says needle-free injection (NFI) is attempting to shed its image as an out-of-the-mainstream drug delivery technique. The convergence of improved device designs, patient sentiment and new therapeutic applications is remaking NFI into an attractive technology being pursued by a number of major pharmaceutical companies. Release

> DNA origami builds a drug-delivery monorail. Yes, really. Read it