Oral treatment for cancer uses nanoparticles to reduce pain; Genome-targeted drug gets $18M in Series A;


> Researchers at Deakin University in Australia have developed an oral nanoparticle colon cancer treatment using a combination of polymers. The delivery system is designed to reduce pain and other side effects from the treatment. Article

> Researchers in Iran have found out how to deliver two anti-cancer drugs at the same time using nanoparticles. Article

Liver cirrhosis

> PharmaIN and LAT Pharma attained orphan-drug status for terlipressin, a treatment for serious complications of liver cirrhosis. The drug's delivery system enables a once-daily injection. Press release

Kidney transplant

> Veloxis Pharmaceuticals published the results of a Phase III trial in which LCP-Tacro dosed once-daily was not inferior to the current leading kidney transplant drug, Prograf, which is dosed twice daily. Press release

Lou Gehrig's Disease

The ALS Therapy Development Institute is working with to-BBB to develop a delivery system that further enhances the ability to allow treatments for Lou Gehrig's Disease and other neurodegenerative diseases to cross the blodd-brain barrier. Press release


Durect Corp. reported positive results of a Phase I trial for its once-monthly subcutaneous injection designed to treat schizophrenia. Press release

Drug delivery systems

> The FDA granted approval to Abbott Laboratories ($ABT) for the Xience Xpedition drug-eluting stent system for patients with challenging coronary anatomies. Article

> Researchers at California Institute of Technology have used liposomes to deliver diagnostic and therapeutic drugs to platelets in the blood. Abstract

> Solstice Biologics completed Series A financing with $18 million for the purpose of targeting and delivering treatments to the human genome. Press release

And Finally… For those looking to get more satisfaction out of either e-cigarettes or marijuana, Fuisz will launch a new lozenge that enhances the absorption of nicotine and THC. Press release