OctoPlus snares a 'top 5' pharma firm for PolyActive tech

OctoPlus, based in the Netherlands, says its PolyActive brand of controlled-release technology has an extensive safety record and makes an "excellent technology for the controlled release of proteins and lipophilic small molecules.”

The company’s active pursuit of partnerships for PolyActive has apparently paid off with an "evaluation contract" with an unnamed "top five global pharmaceutical company," according to a company news release. If it's successful, the evaluation could lead to a contract.

OctoPlus says PolyActive’s biggest selling points include its biodegradability and low initial release.

OctoPlus already has a product based on PolyActive technology. Locteron is undergoing Phase II studies to treat hepatitis C. Locteron is designed to require less frequent administration and cause fewer side effects than marketed forms of interferon alfa. Locteron has been licensed to Biolex Therapeutics and is being manufactured by OctoPlus.

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