New microneedle patch delivers full dose; Mesothelioma drug delivered via skin; MultiCell, Genisphere partner in RNA arena;

> Researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have developed a microneedle patch with a dissolvable backing that helps deliver a full dose of medication, leaving the needles in place for a longer amount of time. News

> Researchers at Griffith University in Australia are creating a mesothelioma treatment that can be delivered via the skin. More

> MultiCell Technologies and Genisphere are collaborating to develop a targeted nanoparticle treatment for liver cancer. The noncoding double-stranded microRNA is called MCT-485. Release

> Enteris BioPharma launched its business, operational and development arm to extend its recently acquired Peptelligence nasal delivery platform into small molecule therapeutics. Enteris bought the technology from Unigene Laboratories ($UGNE). Release

> Serina Therapeutics has partnered with the Scripps Research Institute to develop polymer-antibody drug conjugates able to deliver a potent cytotoxic agent. More

> Kemwell Biopharma out of Bangalore acquired American CRO and development company Cirrus Pharmaceuticals, which focuses on inhaled, nasal, oral, parenteral, topical and transdermal products. Article

> MedPharm scored a new patent for its MedSpray topical spray-on film for dermatological, topical and transdermal drug delivery. Release

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