Mystic Pharmaceuticals Receives Multiple US Patent Office Notices of Allowance on Drug Delivery Platform Technologies

Mystic Pharmaceuticals Receives Multiple US Patent Office Notices of Allowance on Drug Delivery Platform Technologies
Patient-Centric Products Build Brand Value
AUSTIN, Texas --
Mystic Pharmaceuticals, Inc., an integrated specialty pharmaceutical company, announced today it has received two Notices of Allowance from the U.S. Patent Office for its "Unit Dose Drug Delivery Platform" (serial number 12/851,524) and Piercing Device for Drug Delivery Systems (serial number 13/149,584) patent applications. These patents expand Mystic's novel VersiDoser® and VRx2™ delivery platforms enabling the development of patient-centric pharmaceutical products. Mystic is applying its innovative delivery technology to develop therapeutics for the treatment of ocular, CNS, neurodegenerative and infectious diseases affecting large global populations.

Mystic's President and CEO, Timothy Sullivan, stated that, "There is a power shift in the pharmaceutical industry from product-oriented to patient-oriented products that deliver better health outcomes. Over the past decade Mystic has innovated packaging and delivery technologies that enable the development of patient-centric pharmaceutical products. These latest innovations further expand our capabilities to enhance the patient experience by making pharmaceutical products that are safer, easier and more convenient to use."

The shift to patient-centric product development strategies by pharmaceutical manufacturers will benefit the consumer through improved compliance and health outcomes while building brand value for the manufacturer. Utilizing Mystic's delivery platform technologies, pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers can extend or establish market exclusivity and competitive differentiation for new or existing drugs and biologics. Mystic's delivery platforms and products are designed to meet the diverse demands of consumers and pharma manufacturers in the globally competitive market.

About Mystic Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Mystic Pharmaceuticals™ is an integrated specialty pharmaceutical company based in Austin, Texas. Mystic provides patient-centric pharmaceutical products and delivery technology and for pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals and biologics for intranasal, ophthalmic, sublingual, and otic applications. Mystic combines its novel delivery systems with pharmaceuticals and biologics under development by Mystic and its partners, to meet the expanding global market demand for healthcare products that are safer, simpler to use and cost effective. For more information please visit the Mystic website: