MonoSol targets drug film rival's revenue in updated court complaint

Warren, NJ-based MonoSol Rx aims to get compensated after rival BioDelivery Sciences International ($BDSI) received $60 million in revenue from drug-delivery tech that is included in a patent-infringement lawsuit. MonoSol highlighted some key points from its recently amended court complaint in a press release this morning.

Specifically, the second amended court complaint, filed Sept. 26 for a case in U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey, says that a soluble film cancer pain drug called Onsolis, marketed by Raleigh, NC-based BioDelivery's partner Meda Pharmaceuticals, infringes on two of MonoSol's U.S. patents covering drug film tech. MonoSol says that both of its patents were issued before BioDelivery recognized more than $60 million in revenue from Meda for Onsolis, and MonoSol is tacking on additional damages linked to this revenue in the patent-infringement case.

MonoSol, which made its first claim against the defendants nearly a year ago, has been fiercely defending its patents related to its PharmFilm tech for delivering drugs in films. The company's case involving Onsolis has named as defendants BioDelivery, Meda and Aveva Drug Delivery Systems, which manufactures Onsolis. BioDelivery CEO Mark Sirgo has vowed to vigorously defend against MonoSol's claims, which he has said are meritless.

- here's the release

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