MedinCell: A drug delivery company 'on the rise'

MedinCell, a drug-delivery company based in France with an office in San Diego, announced that it was named a company "on the rise" by attendees at a recent drug delivery conference in Miami. The 15th Annual Drug Delivery Partnerships conference was held at Doral Golf Resort & Spa in Miami on January 26 to 28.

"MedinCell had the opportunity to present our polymer-based delivery system to key members of the biotech and pharmaceutical community," the company announced in a short news release. "MedinCell was recognized by attendees as the most exciting 'On the Rise' company exhibiting at the conference."

MedinCell says its polymer technology, MedinGel, delivers formulations that extend the effect of drugs post-injection while minimizing manufacturing costs. By varying polymer components, formulations can be tuned for specific target durations, from days to months. According to the company's website, the technology leverages 20 years of Dr. Michel Vert's research at the Artificial Biopolymers Research Centre (CRBA) in France.

It is composed of a mix of copolymers that form soft hydrogels when they come into contact with water. These hydrogels are made of a network of hydrophilic chains (they love water) linked with hydrophobic (they hate water) micro-domains. The hydrophilic chain network can entrap hydrophilic pharmaceutical ingredients. The hydrophobic micro-domains inside the gel are able to solubilise and retain hydrophobic substances.

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