Life Technologies says its tech is 100 times more potent; Synairgen to get Japanese patent for inhaled drugs;

> Life Technologies has developed new drug delivery technology for therapeutic applications that's 100 times more potent than previous formulations, the company says. Story

> Synairgen, based in the U.K., is expected to receive a Japanese patent for its inhaled interferon beta as a treatment for rhinovirus infections in asthma and COPD patients. Local delivery of IFN-beta to the lungs could limit the spread of virus to lungs. Item

> Euclid Systems will partner with Ora to conduct pre-clinical and clinical development of its collagen-based drug delivery system for treatment of glaucoma. Release

> Biopath Holdings, a biotechnology company developing a liposomal delivery technology for nucleic acid cancer drugs, is relocating its corporate headquarters to Houston. Announcement

> Advanced Injection Devices: Developments, Drivers and Directions for the Future. Report by Andy Fry, founder and director of Team Consulting in the UK. PDF of report

> So you want to use a carbon nanotube as a needle. The thing is, are they better for delivering injections or for collecting blood samples? Scientists find out. Release