June deals a snapshot of drug-delivery trends

Here's a drug-delivery clip-'n'-saver from PMLiVE, a website run by pharma-industry publishers PMGroup. It's a rundown of all the major drug-delivery deals in June 2011, but it also serves as a clear snapshot of the major companies doing deals in drug delivery, and in what areas. The deals range across many therapeutic areas and technology platforms. But the wider picture, says author Bridget Lacey, a consultant with Medius Associates, shows that the focus is on finding ways of taking current injectable-only meds and making them in oral form; plus, how to make expensive, multi-dose, long-term therapies more cost-effective. Another overall trend: The need for ease of use. "The promise of administration methods that allow patients to treat themselves safely is as significant as other healthcare developments, particularly in developing countries," Lacy writes. More here