J&J hosts diagnostics company at its life science incubator; Johns Hopkins develops eye drug delivery tech;

> Johnson & Johnson ($JNJ) is hosting a developer of an oral therapy for inflammatory bowel diseases at its new life science incubator in San Francisco. Applied Molecular Transport already had a research collaboration with J&J. Release | More

> Ten percent of corneal eye transplants are rejected because patients often fail to comply with the recommended medication dosing or instructions. But researchers at Johns Hopkins are developing biodegradable nanoparticles that release medication into the eye after surgery, eliminating the need for patients to remember to take their medicine. More

> Aura Bio received $21 million to advance its plans to use viral nanoparticles as drug delivery agents. It is targeting a rare form of eye cancer in its upcoming clinical trial and has applied for orphan drug designation with the FDA. "We're not thinking of partnering," CEO Elisabet de los Pinos said. "The idea is, since we have the capital now, to get into the clinic and retain all the value." More