Intersect ENT files for expanded indication with FDA; New oral colon cancer drug approved;

> Intersect ENT filed for an expanded indication of its Propel Mini steroid releasing implant. It requested permission to use the drug delivery device to treat patients undergoing frontal sinus surgery. Frontal sinuses are located behind the eyebrows. The device is currently approved for the placement in the ethmoid sinuses, located behind the bridge of the nose. More

> Japan's Otsuka Pharmaceuticals won FDA approval for an oral colorectal cancer drug for patients whose tumors have spread despite first-line therapies. Most cancer drugs are delivered via injection or chemotherapy. More

> Stanford University researchers claim to have repurposed a virus for the targeted delivery of drugs and vaccines. "We call this a smart particle," said bioengineering professor James Swartz. "We make it smart by adding molecular tags that act like addresses to send the therapeutic payload where we want it to go." More