Imugene Limited : Imugene granted Chinese patent

Imugene Limited : Imugene granted Chinese patent

Imugene granted Chinese patent for novel

drug delivery technology

Chinese Patent Office accepts key foundation patent application protecting Imugene's
Linguet drug delivery technology
Patent protects specific drug formulations targeting bone loss prevention
Patent will supplement Imugene's current focus in creating a novel treatment for Vitamin
D deficiency

Melbourne, 30 April 2013: Australian drug delivery technology company Imugene (ASX.IMU) has announced today the acceptance of a key Chinese patent application for the Company's novel drug delivery technology Linguet? (patent no: 200680010802.4)
The Chinese application provides protection around Linguet's? formulations and other specific excipients for a class of drugs that prevent the loss of bone mass, known as bisphosphonic acids and bisphosphonates, which are used to treat conditions such as osteoporosis and multiple myeloma.
Osteoporosis affects almost 70 million Chinese over the age of 50, including 22.5% of men and 50.1% of women. The condition causes some 687,000 hip fractures in China, a result of the bones becoming more porous and fragile (source: statistics).
Linguet is now protected in two key markets, with the same patent formulation allowed in
Japan last month.
Imugene uses its proprietary drug delivery technology to improve the efficacy and safety of a diverse number of existing prescription and over the counter medicines. Its platform technology, known as Linguet?, enables the active ingredient of drugs to be absorbed straight into the bloodstream when placed inside the cheek (via the buccal mucosa) or under the tongue (sublingual).
"The expansion of our patent portfolio in Japan and China is a significant step in our commercialisation strategy. Not only does it demonstrate the strength of our novel Linguet technology, but it enables us to explore two lucrative Asian markets ahead of the anticipated regulatory approval of Linguet Vitamin D next year," said Dr Nick Ede, Executive Director of Imugene.
Vitamin D deficiency is associated with a wide range of conditions including osteoporosis, certain forms of cancer, pre-diabetes, and cardiovascular health.
Imugene's novel rapid Linguet? form of Vitamin D has now completed feasibility testing and formulation development. The company expects to file for regulatory approval in the UK and license the product to a third party in 2014.

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Imugene Limited (ASX:IMU) is commercialising drug delivery applications based on its novel buccal (drugs administered via the cheek) Linguet? technology. Linguet? is a patient friendly and cost effective system used to deliver established pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products