How to make oral drugs more efficient; CEA-Leti unveils nanocarrier IBS treatment;

> Of all the drug delivery methods, oral is the most popular. However, not all drugs are most efficient when delivered orally. Poor bioavailability means higher-than-required oral doses, leading to waste, risk of toxicity and other problems. Researchers in South Africa take a look at different approaches for enhancement of oral drug bioavailability. Abstract

> The French research center CEA-Leti has unveiled a program to use a nanocarrier-based method to help treat inflammatory bowel disease. The Delivering Nano-pharmaceuticals through Biological Barriers project (BIBA) has eight partners in France, Germany, Spain and Switzerland. Story

> Idera Pharmaceuticals says its gene-silencing oglionucleotide (GSO) technology has something that other gene-silencing methods do not: With GSOs, there is no need for a delivery technology. Idera release

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