How to improve delivery of Alzheimer's meds; Cornerstone gets NCI report;

> Until new drugs are developed and approved for Alzheimer's disease, there are ways to improve delivery of current Alzheimer's medications. They include extended release, orally disintegrating or sublingual formulations in addition to nanotechnology-based delivery systems. Abstract

> A Drug Delivery Systems symposium is scheduled for Nov. 3-5 Shenzhen, China. Agenda

> Cornerstone Pharmaceuticals received a report from the National Cancer Institute that the company's cancer drug delivery vehicle, Emulsiphan, "appears to be safe and capable." Cornerstone release

> Drug delivery patent application of the week: Methods for drug delivery comprising unfolding and folding proteins and peptide nanoparticles. Patent application

> Drug delivery abstract of the week: Will nanotechnology influence targeted cancer therapy? Abstract