Fuse Science, Inc. Breaks Code on Patchless Insulin Delivery with Simple RollOn

Fuse Science, Inc. Breaks Code on Patchless Insulin Delivery with Simple RollOn

MIAMI LAKES, Fla. -- Fuse Science, Inc. (OTCQB: DROP),
(www.fusescience.com) an innovative company that possesses proprietary delivery technology
set to redefine how consumers receive energy, medicines, vitamins and minerals, today provides
further details on their most recent research results. The study results present what the Company
believes to be several scientific firsts in transdermal delivery through the epidermis. The
Company possesses proprietary patchless delivery technology, which Fuse now knows with
certainty that can deliver a wide range of compounds through the epidermis in a simple roll-on

The study tested a wide canvass of compounds, with varying physiochemical characteristics, to
document the range of compounds that can be encapsulated in the Company's proprietary
delivery technology. Success in each area opens the door to a host of product categories that
can be significantly improved through utilization of the Company's proprietary technology. The
molecular structure of the test cells in the study ranged from small, water soluble and rigid
molecules to large, greasy and flexible molecules with a representative sample from over 80% of
common compound structures. The Test Cells were as follows: Caffeine, Nicotinic Acid, Folic
Acid, Tocopherol Acetate, Polyethylene Glycol, Estradiol, Paclitaxel, and Insulin.

Every compound tested in this study successfully penetrated the epidermis at distinctive rates
with unique penetration profiles. This represents several scientific firsts and establishes infinite
new ways to effectively deliver medicines and nutrition in humans and animals in a patchless
roll-on application.

The conclusion of the study centered around three main points:

Fuse Science possesses proprietary encapsulation technology, which can deliver a variety
of compounds with different physiochemical characteristics across the epidermis at
distinctive rates and unique penetration profiles in a simple roll-on.

The patchless encapsulation formula can deliver significant amounts of larger, rigid,
lipophilic molecules to smaller, flexible, hydrophilic molecules across the epidermis.

The diabetic Insulin drug and the cancer drug Paclitaxel maintained consistent delivery
through the epidermis at each time interval through the 24-hour time-point.

"Today's scientific results indicate that Fuse Science possesses capabilities to deliver over 80%
of all molecular structures with our proprietary technology through the epidermis to the blood
stream," said Brian Tuffin, Fuse Science, Inc. CEO. "This opens the door for making the $3.0
billion dollar patch business obsolete and completely redefining the injectable and consumable
delivery market. Of largest benefit is the present ability of Fuse Science to deliver Insulin in this
roll-on form. We see this as the first step in replacing the need for daily injections by diabetic
sufferers around the world."

Compliance is an ongoing issue with the young and elderly populations. This research sets the
stage to eliminate the struggles of a parent to get the proper medication and nutrition into their
child. Envision a simple roll-on to the arm instead of an injection or attempting to get the child to
swallow their medication, vitamins or cough syrup. At the same time, consider the elderly trying to
swallow the multiple medications required daily becoming a seamless exercise. The results
demonstrate that Fuse Science has opened the door to a much easier form of nutrition and
medication delivery that can significantly change how we all deal with the consumption of these
life essentials.

Fuse Science will continue its work with the New York-based investment banking firm Atlas
Strategic Advisors (www.atlasadvisors.com) to explore strategic transactions involving Fuse's
proprietary technology. Additionally, Fuse Science will be advised by Gaurav Kapoor, former
Managing Partner and Principal at New England Consulting Group, where he worked for 15
years, leading landmark M&A and licensing transactions in the pharmaceutical and consumer
package goods industries.

About Fuse Science, Inc.
Fuse Science Inc. (OTCQB: DROP), is an innovative holding company based in Miami Lakes,
Florida. Fuse Science holds the rights to new, patent-pending technologies poised to redefine
how consumers receive energy, medicines, vitamins and minerals. The Company maintains the
rights to sublingual and transdermal delivery systems for bioactive agents that can now, for the
first time, effectively encapsulate and charge many varying molecules in order to produce
complete product formulations which can bypass the gastrointestinal tract and enter the blood
stream directly either through a topical gel roll-on or alternatively in a concentrated "DROP" form
that is simply applied under the tongue. Fuse Science's technology is designed to accelerate
conveyance of medicines or nutrients relative to traditional pills and liquids and can enhance
how consumers receive these products. Information about Fuse Science is available online
at www.fusescience.com and www.poweredbyfuse.com or by calling 305-503-FUSE (3873).

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