Andain Develops Innovative Lipid-Based Nano-Particles Drug Delivery Technology

Andain Develops Innovative Lipid-Based Nano-Particles Drug Delivery Technology
Published on April 30, 2013 at 3:41 AM
Andain Inc. ("Andain" or the "Company"), a company engaged in commercializing novel technologies in biotech, medical and life sciences fields through its accelerating incubator program, announces today its innovative nano-particles drug delivery technology.
Andain completed the development of innovative lipid-based drug delivery nano-particles capable of carrying hydrophilic and hydrophobic drugs to a targeted human organ with timely drug release capabilities. After the nano-particles release the drug directly to the targeted organ, they brake-down to their natural ingredients and are absorbed into the natural metabolism with no adverse affects.

The Company has successfully developed an inhaled solution for the treatment of COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), which affects over 16 million patients in the USA alone, and is the No. 4 clinical cause of death after heart failure, cancer and stroke.

The Company intends to approach the initial market segment of respiratory intensive care units to treat VAP (ventilator-associated pneumonia), which is commonly associated with multi-drug-resistant (MDR) virulent bacteria causing over than 50% mortality rate.

"Our initial human respiratory tests show superb lung dispersion and distribution, preventing any residual damage providing safe and extremely efficient respiratory drug delivery method capable to carry any combinations of drugs" said Andain President and CEO Sam Elimelech . "We have a developed efficient delivery system capable to deliver almost any drug usually systemically administered to be targeted to a specific organ and enabling to dramatically reduce the needed treatment dosage".

Established in 2004 as a Nevada corporation with locations in Israel and the US, Andain commercializes novel technologies in the biotechnology and medical fields, specializing in identifying technical innovations and providing a unique incubator/accelerator development and industrial platform. The Company also offers technical know-how and business strategy expertise to commercialize new technologies and deliver shareholder value