4s3 Bioscience gains a Pritzker's drug delivery development dough

4s3 Bioscience in Medford, MA, recently raised $20 million in Series A financing to fuel its drug delivery technology to treat muscle disorders (therapeutic molecules drawn to muscle cells that penetrate inside and deliver treatments at the specific site where they're needed). But the group giving the company its money represents an even bigger, broader trend. As Xconomy reports in a follow-up story on the funding, the cash comes from KLP Enterprises; Karen Pritzker, of the Hyatt hotel chain Pritzker family, formed the trust. And Pritzker's husband--investor Michael Vlock--will work with a KLP subsidiary that offers startups various kinds of development assistance as part of the deal. As we, and entrepreneur Neil Campbell, told you recently, high-net-worth individuals and the foundations or trusts they form are an increasingly common source of venture funding for startups. Story