3M debuts new inhaler featuring an app

3M inhalers
3M's new Intelligent Control Inhaler with screen.

In an effort to reduce the rising levels of poor adherence to proper use of inhalers, 3M ($MMM) Drug Delivery Systems has unveiled its newest inhaler that is fully integrated to deliver accurate doses as well as featuring an app that can track usage for patients and healthcare professionals.

Dubbed the Intelligent Control Inhaler, the device provides on-screen instructions.

As cases of asthma and moderate to severe COPD are expected to rise 24% by the year 2034 (current estimates put the global number of asthma sufferers at 334 million) misuse of inhalers is also expected to grow, the company said.

“Poor technique in using an inhaler, coupled with the challenges of getting patients to adhere to their medication protocols, can lead to exacerbations, increased use of health care resources and ultimately, a burden on health care systems,” Louise Righton, the division’s global marketing operations manager, said in a statement. “By increasing competence and adherence, we can realize better patient outcomes and reduce health care costs.”

The device, developed with a 3M partner, is expected to be widely distributed by 2020, the company said.

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