2seventy brings in Genevant delivery tech for Novo Nordisk in vivo gene editing project

Bluebird bio’s oncology spinoff has secured rights to a lipid nanoparticle (LNP) delivery technology from Genevant Sciences. The spinoff, 2seventy bio, will use the delivery technology in an in vivo gene editing collaboration with Novo Nordisk.

2seventy spun out of bluebird with a clutch of drug candidates and technologies including megaTAL, an mRNA-based approach to the silencing, editing and insertion of genetic components. Novo Nordisk inked a deal to work with bluebird to research the use of the technology in the treatment of hemophilia A back in 2019. With the three-year deal nearing its end, the partners have expanded the collaboration.

Novo Nordisk has obtained the option to exclusively license the in vivo mRNA platform and gene-editing technology for use in the treatment of hemophilia A in return for $5 million upfront, up to $35 million in near-term paydays, and longer-term development, regulatory and commercial milestones.  

The progression of the research has turned attention to how to deliver the treatment. 2seventy’s megaTALs, single-chain enzymes, are suitable for use with all current viral and non-viral cell delivery methods. Out of the variety of available options, 2seventy has identified Genevant’s LNPs as the right vehicle to get the megaTAL mRNA to cells in the liver.

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2seventy has secured rights to use the LNPs in the delivery of megaTAL mRNA products for the treatment of hemophilia. Genevant has granted 2seventy those rights in return for a financial package that features $10 million upfront and near-term option exercise payments, with more to follow if the candidate moves through development and onto the market.

“We are very pleased that 2seventy bio has entrusted Genevant and our LNP platform with delivery for its important gene editing program in hemophilia A. Our scientists have been at the forefront of the LNP field for more than 20 years, and we are excited for our innovative technology to be used for this important application with great unmet need,” Genevant CEO Pete Lutwyche said in a statement.