Soligenix, Infectious Disease Research Institute partner to combat anthrax

Soligenix ($SNGX) has taken up up arms with the Infectious Disease Research Institute (IDRI) of Seattle to thwart biodefense threats.

The Princeton, NJ-based vaccine developer brings to the table proprietary proteins and thermostable vaccine technology, while the research institute has synthetic adjuvants. The combination of the technologies could produce vaccines with long-term stability and rapid onset of protective immunity, which are coveted features for vaccines that would then be stockpiled for emergency use.

The first goal the companies hope to reach is assessing the combination of one of IDRI's adjuvant compounds, which can enhance the generation of high titer neutralizing antibodies to anthrax toxin, with Soligenix's second-generation dominant negative inhibitor subunit protein anthrax vaccine candidate, known as Velothrax, according to Soligenix's release. The company will also take a look at the combination of an IDRI adjuvant with formulations of RiVax, Soligenix's vaccine against ricin toxin.

Ultimately, the aim for both vaccines is a firm product that will encourage the rapid onset of protective immunity in humans, thereby reducing the number of vaccinations required.

Initial work will take place under Soligenix's existing $9.4 million National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease grant supporting the development of advanced heat-stable vaccines against anthrax and ricin toxins.

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