VitamFero and Bioproperties enter an agreement to complete the development of VitamFero's animal toxoplasmosis vaccine

VitamFero (FR) and Bioproperties (AU) announce the execution of an exclusive, worldwide license, co-development and distribution agreement aiming to complete the development of VitamFero's proprietary animal toxoplasmosis vaccine in Bioproperties' facilities in Sydney, Australia. Through close cooperation between the partners, VitamFero will transfer its veterinary live, attenuated vaccine technology to Bioproperties who will take charge of manufacturing and continue development up to drug registration and launch in main markets. First market approval of an ovine toxoplasmosis vaccine is expected to occur in 2019.

Press release

VitamFero, member of Atlanpole Biotherapies and Polepharma clusters (France), develops major science in the field of veterinary anti-parasitic vaccines and neonatal immunity stimulants in partnership, notably, with a French public agricultural research body, INRA, and François-Rabelais University of Tours (FR). It is a sector where needs remain largely unmet. VitamFero's technology is based on the genetic engineering of live, attenuated parasite strains through targeted and complete deletion of genes of virulence. With 5 products under development, VitamFero aims to become a leader in the attractive and highly promising vaccine and immuno-stimulant market for veterinary use.
Pascal Breton, CEO of VitamFero, said, "We are very pleased to enter into an industrial partnership with Bioproperties, a company of high repute with an impressive track record in the development and manufacture of live vaccines for the food animal health market. In line with its strategy for growth, with this key business agreement, VitamFero makes a big step forward to secure its first product launch".

Bioproperties Pty Ltd is a leading Australian novel vaccine research company, GMP manufacturer and global supplier of live vaccines to the intensively farmed food animal industry. Headquartered in Melbourne with GMP vaccine manufacturing facilities in Glenorie NSW and research facilities at RMIT University (AU) and University of Melbourne (AU). Bioproperties supplies twelve live vaccines in its current product suite and a research and development pipeline that is expected to deliver several new registered products in the near term with a deep pipeline for the longer term. Bioproperties' special skill is its ability to identify industry requirements for new products, develop the products and bring them to market within a quick timeframe.

"We are honoured to be selected by Pascal and the Board of VitamFero to pioneer their first vaccine. Our Managing Director, Dr. David Tinworth, has an enviable record on delivering commercially successful Live Vaccines to market and we look forward to working with VitamFero to repeat that success" adds Anthony Roberts, Executive Chairman of Bioproperties.