Suneris CEO to Present VETIGEL™ at White House Demo Day

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Suneris, a Brooklyn-based biotech company, announced that CEO Joe Landolina is among the featured presenters at today's first-ever White House Demo Day. At the event, which is hosted by President Barack Obama, Landolina is introducing administration officials to VETIGEL™, a plant-based gel that stops severe bleeding in less than 12 seconds.

The White House Demo Day is designed to highlight the important role that entrepreneurship plays in America's economy. Unlike a private-sector demonstration or start-up incubator event, where entrepreneurs and start-ups pitch their ideas to funders, the White House Demo Day invited presenters from around the country, such as Landolina, to share their individual stories and an overview of how their products work.

The Suneris story was born when CEO Joe Landolina invented VETIGEL as a freshman at New York University. Landolina then launched the company in partnership with CFO and NYU classmate Isaac Miller in 2012.

VETIGEL was introduced in the U.S. veterinary market earlier this summer, and it will be available to veterinarians in the U.K. early next year.

"We've heard from veterinarians and individuals from a cross-section of critical care management that VETIGEL is a game-changer, and we certainly believe it has the power to transform standards of care," Landolina said. "As we look ahead to potential human use, it's an honor to be in the company of visionary peers at White House Demo Day."

According to the White House website, the event is designed to spark discussions nationwide about how to turn ideas into products that can benefit society. "We're encouraging entrepreneurs, innovation spaces, universities, and more to host their own Demo Day events and follow along live as we engage in a conversation about how we can ensure that everyone has access to the tools and resources they need to make their ideas a reality," the website said.

As a sponsor of a pioneering internship program and active participant in TED talks, Landolina and the Suneris team have embedded in the company's culture a commitment to developing fresh approaches to improving lives. "We strive to discover how we can do things differently – and better – and in a way that benefits those who inhabit our world," Landolina said.

President Obama will deliver remarks at White House Demo Day at 3:40 pm ET today. Events throughout the day, including innovation stories, technological demonstrations and comments, will be streamed live at


Suneris is a biotech company focused on inventive emergency medical technologies that can improve patient care and save lives. Suneris' premier product, VETIGEL™, is designed exclusively for veterinarians to stop moderate to traumatic bleeding on internal or external wounds. Future human-use potential for Suneris' gel technology covers many fields, including military, emergency medicine and human surgical use. For more information, please visit

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