Report: Integrated Animal Health to roll out pain patches for pets, other animals

Integrated Animal Health (IAH), an Australian company, says it will roll out oxycodone patches to treat pain in animals. 

The company's decision comes following a successful study of the patches used on racehorses that was conducted in conjunction with Melbourne-based drug delivery firm Phosphagenics, AnimalPharm reported. Phosphagenics first created the patches for pain relief in humans.

"The potential for a nonsystemic, opioid treatment alternative, localized to the site of pain, should provide veterinarians targeted pain relief benefits for all animals to cope, recover and heal," Rob Neely, chief executive of Queensland-based IAH, told AnimalPharm.

He added that the patch could be used to treat pain in performance animals, food production livestock and companion pets.

Currently, pain is managed in racehorses with intravenous injections or oral application of phenylbutazone, which is illegal for human use. About 70% of thoroughbred horses that are in training develop cannon bone soreness, a malady that globally costs the industry about $700 million a year in lost training fees, the company said.

- see the AnimalPharm story (sub. req.)