Bio-Gate AG signed a licencing agreement with VetBiotek for the strategically important veterinar market segment

/INS. Nürnberg, (Feb. 2, 2015) – Bio-Gate AG, Germany announces today that it has signed a license agreement with VetBiotek for marketing and selling products in the veterinary channel that feature Bio-Gate's MicroSilver BG™ technology, a pure silver powder consisting of highly porous and micro-sized particles of medical-grade silver. The products distributed by VetBiotek will be used for dermatological applications associated with companion animals. The patent rights granted to VetBiotek are exclusive for the United States and Canada and non-exclusive elsewhere.

VetBiotek has also secured the exclusive North American marketing rights for Bio-Gate AG's Ear Care System of Products for managing otitis externa, a chronic disease in pets. This system utilizes a protocol of quality products, all of which also contain MicroSilver BG™.

"Our partnership with VetBiotek to distribute MicroSilver BG™ products in North America will be exceptional for both organizations. We consider the North American market to be strategically very important," said Karl Richter, CEO of Bio-Gate AG. "We are convinced that with the combined efforts of the VetBiotek professional team and Bio-Gate AG's superior technologies, the new product introductions will be successful."

"We see significant strategic value in bringing MicroSilver BG™ into our VetBioDerm™ range of topical dermatological products for pets," stated Thomas Bell, president of VetBiotek. "MicroSilver BG™ has documented superior technological advantages not available in the marketplace today, including the ability to inhibit the formation of a biofilm allowing harmful pathogens to be mitigated. There is no known antibacterial resistance to MicroSilver BG™, providing veterinarians with a valuable tool in managing numerous skin infections on pets."

According to Bell, VetBiotek believes that the launch of MicroSilver BG™, in numerous topical formulations including the Ear Care System of Products, will place the company in a strong competitive position in the U.S. veterinary dermatological product market segment. "The scientific team at Bio-Gate AG is to be complimented for this excellent innovation," he said. "We are extremely motivated and excited to bring this technology to the market."

This license agreement further strengthens Bio-Gates increased activities to market their antibacterial technologies within the veterinary market segment. In October 2014, Bio-Gate announced the successful introduction of its HyProtectTM-coating for multipurpose stainless-steel bone plates for BioMedtrix, a leading US manufacturer of veterinary implants. BioMedtrix carried out a multicenter patient observation with 70 dogs which received HyProtectTM-coated bone plate implants during routine veterinary practice. The surgeries were carried out at seven leading US veterinary medical institutions. Infection rates for such surgeries can be as high as 20%. During the 3 months postsurgery observation no infection occurred. Biocompatibility and implant ingrowth were excellent. Bio-Gate's silver technologies are effective tools to help mitigate the risk of infections in veterinary medical healthcare.

About Bio-Gate AG – The medical technology company Bio-Gate AG develops and markets applications which use unique silver technology to help prevent infections and thus to improve health. Bio-Gate AG's specialty is using pure silver to treat materials and surfaces that are used in all areas of daily life – thus providing long-term and medically effective protection against bacteria, microorganisms and other pathogens. Bio-Gate AG works in three fields to supply a variety of products that provide antimicrobial protection: material enhancement, surface coating and testing the antimicrobial or anti-adhesive properties of materials. The Nuremberg-based company offers systems that stretch across the entire value-adding chain, from development to approval to production. For more information, please visit

About VetBiotek – VetBiotek, Inc. is a privately held company that specializes in developing, manufacturing and marketing dermatological and nutritional supplement products for the companion animal market. VetBiotek's mission is to continually bring innovative solutions to the veterinary marketplace through research and development that will assist veterinarians in their management of disease states. VetBiotek sells its products exclusively to licensed veterinarians through a very select distribution network. VetBiotek is located in Largo, Fla. For more information, please visit

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