Activ4Pets, the Premier Pet Tele-Health Connectivity Company, Enlists Seasoned Experts to Help Owners Take an Active Role in and Revolutionize the Care Their Pets Receive

Activ4Pets, the Premier Pet Tele-Health Connectivity Company, Enlists Seasoned Experts to Help Owners Take an Active Role in and Revolutionize the Care Their Pets Receive

The addition of two leading pet industry and marketing business professionals will rapidly accelerate the national installation of Activ4Pets' innovative tele-health communication platform.

LOS ANGELES, March 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Activ4Pets (A4P), the premier pet tele-health connectivity company, announced today the appointment of Dory Andraos and Henry Aruca to the company's senior executive leadership. Activ4Pets is the first company of its kind, enabling pet owners to access their animal's complete health history – and even consult remotely with their veterinarian – all via an easy to use web-based platform. Between them, Andraos and Aruca bring a combined 35+ years of diversified experience across human and animal health, animal welfare and high-level consumer and business-to-business marketing strategy.

Joining as VP of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships, Henry Aruca has a long history of expertise in healthcare marketing, both in human and animal health. Having worked on both the agency and veterinary hospital side, Henry is highly effective in marketing to and through the pet health professional to achieve the desired results. Most recently, Henry served as the head of National Marketing and Corporate Partnerships at VCA, Inc., a leading pet health care corporation with 700+ animal hospitals across the United States. Henry led the team responsible for many key marketing initiatives, including VCA's CareClub Wellness Plans, plus important programs like the Diabetes Chronic Disease Platform, Positive Cattitude (feline), Big Pet Project (weight management), and the Whole Tooth (dental). He also managed ~ 20 major pharma and food partnerships. As part of his area of responsibility, Henry was also responsible for VCA's shelter and home delivery programs. Prior to VCA Henry supported with major healthcare players such as GlaxoSmithKline, Aventis, Roche, Eli Lilly, Novartis, Bayer and many others on multimodal marketing and communication strategies and campaigns.

"The future of veterinary medicine lies in connectivity," says Henry. "The ability for the client to have access to care, as well as services and products that enhance the quality of life for their pet is of vital importance. If we are going to be effective as an industry, the veterinarian and other providers have to live with the pet owner, in their hand and in their pocket, and we must provide real convenience and value beyond reminders to come in or purchase. Activ4Pets delivers all this and more, which is why I felt compelled to join the team!"

Prior to joining Activ4Pets, Dory Andraos oversaw the marketing department of the Found Animals Foundation, an innovative tech and philanthropy-driven organization. In his role as VP of Marketing, Andraos developed the marketing strategic plan, and revamped and improved processes and procedures within the marketing department.  Andraos also led the effort to establish a new brand strategy that clearly positioned the organization as a unique, smart, bold, hip, collaborative and educational entity for pets and pet adopters. After spending nine years on the ad agency side working on such high profile national clients as Nissan, Yamaha, Best Western and JCPenney, he entered the pet industry as the Director of New Client Acquisition Marketing for VCA, Inc. One of Andraos' key accomplishments was to strategically develop the company's animal shelter partnership program. He also led VCA's customer acquisition digital search marketing campaigns and grew new client business revenue year-after-year.

"I've always believed that the true purpose of marketing and technology is to connect people together to make for better experiences and improved outcomes for all involved," says Andraos. "In the case of Activ4Pets, I intend to showcase how their technological power and know-how can connect the pet world in an advanced way, bringing more pets, pet owners, veterinarians, animal welfare organizations and pet care providers closer together. The Activ4Pets platform can and will create better health and happiness for pets, pet owners and pet professionals."

"With Andraos and Aruca's diverse business backgrounds, expertise, and experience with strategic marketing and management, we have found an A-Team with the skills and reputation to accelerate the roll out of our innovative platform. I am thrilled to announce these great additions to Activ4Pets' executive team," said Activ4Pets CEO Florent Monssoh.


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Activ4Pets is the first company of its kind, enabling pet owners to access their pet's complete health history and even consult with their veterinarian online – all via an easy to use web-based platform. With the vision of empowering pet owners to take a more active role in their pet's health, businessman and entrepreneur Florent Monssoh founded Activ4Pets (A4P) in 2014. A4P provides three comprehensive services – Pet Health Records, e-Consultations and Peer-to-Peer Consults – designed to save pet owners time and money. By acting as a simple one stop shop for storing data about your pet's health – everything from vaccination records to allergies to test results and more – Activ4Pets encourages owners to become more engaged in their pet's wellness. The platform is accessible any time, from anywhere on the planet. With A4P's mobile app, you are never more than a click away from your pet's wellness information.




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