Execs at this year's J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference agreed the tone was somewhere between gloom and sunshine.

Boehringer and Sanofi aren't the only ones chopping jobs in France. Now, Lilly says it's cutting 250 positions as it "modernizes" a…

Artificial intelligence is a big buzzword in R&D right now, but at Novartis, it's hard at work in the sales department, too.

Johnson & Johnson knows the immunology market is crowded. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t still see tons of opportunity there.

Pfizer's plan to close two legacy Hospira plants in India puts 1,700 jobs stationed there at risk.

The president called advisers for a special meeting on drug prices after a new round of hikes from many industry players, Politico reports.

Investors had been worried that growth for Regeneron’s Eylea was slowing down, but Monday the company batted away those fears.

Eli Lilly is the first pharma to add pricing information to its DTC TV advertising in a commercial for Trulicity this week, with more on the way.