Concerned parents raised the specter of similar breaches dating back as early as 2010, as the government vows a thorough probe.

J.P. Morgan may be over, but that doesn’t mean the dealmaking is. Recent buzz puts Pfizer and Biogen at the center of potential takeovers.

Fourteen years after Illlinois' AG accused Teva of defrauding Medicaid with inflated pricing, the company has settled for $135 million.

Clovis CEO Patrick Mahaffy is making it clear he’s ready to deal—and doing what he can to make the PARP player a top M&A target.

Pfizer closes two Hospira plants in India; Gilead licenses Yuhan's NASH programs; Fujifilm is expanding its footprint in the U.S.

It wasn't just deals folks were buzzing about in meeting rooms, restaurants and hotel lobbies, as our top FierceBiotech and FiercePharma stories show.

England's National Institute for Health and Care Excellence says available clinical data aren't enough to demonstrate Aimovig's cost-…

The balance of spending in medical marketing has shifted from almost 90% directed at healthcare professionals 20 years ago, to just 70%.