GlaxoSmithKline has had a Shingrix shortage for months, but now Sen. Schumer said the government shutdown is making the situation worse.

The American Hospital Association has crafted a lengthy list of suggestions for addressing drug shortages that include both the carrot and the stick.

Amgen's Evenity is trying to score an approval after cardiovascular red flags derailed it in mid-2017. But analysts aren’t so optimistic.

Pharma is too preoccupied with short-term growth, so it's going the easier me-too route rather than focusing on "transformative" therapies, the…

In the Netherlands, Lutathera's price is about five times that of some hospital-made products using the same radioactive ingredient.

The Democrats' new drug pricing bills are "flawed"—and likely to fail—unless Trump crosses the aisle. And as one analyst sees it, he just might.

Last week, Allergan's CEO told investors that Botox “continues to remain very strong” in migraine despite the arrival of three new CGRP drugs. But how…

In a first for pharma and healthcare agencies, McCann Health has hired a global creative chief directly from a large consumer agency.