Sen. Sanders blasted a proposed Zika license, saying Americans shouldn't have to "pay the highest price in the world for a vaccine we paid to help…

Roche has teamed up to test its immuno-oncology med Tecentriq with Bavarian Nordic's CV301, the same vaccine BMS is testing in combination with Opdivo.

The CDC is preparing a new avian influenza vaccine candidate amid an outbreak in China.

Novavax isn’t letting a bruising phase 3 failure for its RSV vaccine kill its enthusiasm around the program.

NIH has launched a phase 1 trial to test a vaccine that aims to fight a wide range of mosquito-borne diseases.

Sanaria’s malaria vaccine posted more positive clinical data, but a notable gap compared with results from U.S. studies calls for regimen improvements.

A Zika vaccine safe enough for women of childbearing age may still not be available before 2020, the World Health Organization estimated.

Galena is finally getting some good news for its breast cancer vaccine NeuVax, as two trials combining it with Herceptin passed futility tests.

Novavax has started a new phase 2 trial on its key respiratory syncytial virus vaccine candidate