NIH has launched a phase 1 trial to test a vaccine that aims to fight a wide range of mosquito-borne diseases.

Sanaria’s malaria vaccine posted more positive clinical data, but a notable gap compared with results from U.S. studies calls for regimen improvements.

A Zika vaccine safe enough for women of childbearing age may still not be available before 2020, the World Health Organization estimated.

Brazil’s health authority will expand its yellow fever vaccine stockpile by 11.5 million doses as an outbreak rages in the country. Previous outbreaks in…

Having witnessed antivaccine sentiments swell in Texas, Sabin Vaccine Institute president Peter Hotez worries the feelings will intensify around the country.

Novavax has started a new phase 2 trial on its key respiratory syncytial virus vaccine candidate

Sanaria's malaria vaccine is one step closer to challenging GlaxoSmithKline's Mosquirix, thanks to data from a recent clinical trial.

Phase 2b data on Genocea's genital herpes vaccine is boosting confidence in the potential first-in-class shot.

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