A phase 3 study shows that Seqirus' MF59-adjuvanted quadrivalent flu vaccine provides better protection in those younger than two years old.

PATH, Walter Reed and GSK have partnered to determine whether tweaking the regimen of Mosquirix could lead to better malaria protection.

Gavi's vaccine initiative will have saved 20 million lives and $350 billion in healthcare costs by 2020, a recent study found.

Themis secured £3 million from Innovate UK for its Chikungunya vaccine project.

An American university and a group of wealthy libertarians, including Peter Thiel, are backing the offshore testing of an experimental herpes vaccine.

MSF's strong opposition didn't stop India's government from granting Pfizer a patent that protects Prevnar's exclusivity till 2026.

GSK has formed an alliance with China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba to help promote HPV vaccine Cervarix.

Hong Kong’s Department of Health started an investigation after a doctor was found giving expired FluQuadri vaccines to patients.

Make no mistake: FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb does not want to be associated with the anti-vaxxer movement.

A global shortage of hepatitis B vaccine has developed as both Merck & Co. and GlaxoSmithKline deal with manufacturing issues.

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