The 26 vaccine-preventable diseases

Once considered a dead area of drug development, vaccines have enjoyed a resurgence in the last several year as drug developers seek to expand the list of vaccine-preventable diseases. Recent additions to the list include shots for rotavirus (1998), HPV (2006) and swine flu (2009). Since the discovery of the first vaccine for small pox in 1796, the list of preventable diseases has swelled to 26, and continues to grow as drugmakers battle for market share in this rejuvenated field. 

List of vaccine-preventable diseases

Anthrax Yellow fever Cervical cancer Pertussis  Chicken pox Pneumococcal infections Cholera Poliomyelitis  Diphtheria Rabies  Group A, C meningococcal infections  Rotavirus Hib infections Rubella Hepatitis A Shingles Hepatitis B Smallpox  Japanese encephalitis  Tetanus Influenza  Tuberculosis Measles  Typhoid fever Mumps Varicella

Source: Kalorama Information