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Latest Headlines

Zoetis agrees on $765M deal for aquaculture leader Pharmaq

Animal health leader Zoetis--which has been the subject of many a pharma buyout rumor--is making a pickup of its own. Late Monday, the Pfizer spinoff announced an agreement to purchase Pharmaq--which specializes in vaccines and pharmaceuticals for farmed fish--for $765 million.

Zoetis expands Nebraska facility even as its plots 10 plant closings

Animal health leader Zoetis has said that its massive cost-cutting plans will include whacking 10 unnamed manufacturing sites. But this week its manufacturing unit was taking solace in the expansion of one of its largest facilities.

With vet drugs pumping, it's no wonder that pharma's eyeing M&A

What's with all the M&A rumors floating around in the animal health world? Just look at Zoetis' Apoquel and it's clear why Big Pharma names are keen to bolster their positions in the space.

Valeant can have Zoetis, Bayer says. We have our hands full already

Whether animal health leader Zoetis receives any more buyout offers after Valeant's reported approach remains to be seen. But if it does, Bayer's leaders insist a competing bid won't be coming from them.

Valeant makes offer for Zoetis, sources tell WSJ

Rapidly expanding Valeant has approached Zoetis about a buyout, sources told the Wall Street Journal. Rumors of a possible deal, which have been bouncing back and forth for weeks, set off buying, with Zoetis shares closing up 11% Thursday at an all-time high of $55.38.

Zoetis knocks off 165 NJ jobs in Ackman-forced cost squeeze

Last month, under activist investor pressure, animal health leader Zoetis announced some cost-cutting blueprints it said would save it $300 million by 2017. And now, 165 New Jersey workers are hitting the road as part of that plan.

Zoetis, under pressure from activist investor Ackman, will offload 10 plants to cut costs

Animal health leader Zoetis is using a move out of the Amgen playbook, whacking on manufacturing to cut costs and appease an aggressive activist investor.

Zoetis to whack 10 plants as part of cost-cutting scheme

Activist investors can be hard on pharmaceutical manufacturing jobs. When they show up on boards, CEOs can get nervous about cutting costs and raising stock prices, and manufacturing sites are often an easy target for those kinds of short-term gains. Animal health leader Zoetis today laid out just such a plan.

Bayer may hive off another unit as it doubles down on pharma, consumer health

Turns out it may not be just Bayer's plastics business that's on its way out the door. The company is reportedly exploring a sale of its diabetes device business as it rides pharma's slim-down wave.

Bayer to sell diabetes device biz for as much as $2.5B

Bayer hopes to sell its ailing diabetes device unit to help bolster growth and fund a potential acquisition of Zoetis. The conglomerate would like to focus more closely on medicines, which has been a faster growth area than devices.