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Latest Headlines

Analysts: Bayer could use plastics proceeds to fund a deal for Zoetis

Now that Bayer has announced a planned spinoff of its plastics business, all eyes are on what it may do with the proceeds. And the way some analysts see it, that money could go toward a pickup of animal health company Zoetis.

Bayer could help fund deals by selling plastics biz

Germany's Bayer has been on the sidelines while other Big Pharma players have been striking deals to expand or refocus. But that may not be for long with Bayer working on a couple of deals and thinking about unloading its plastics business to help pay for an expansion.

Drugmakers agree to new FDA rules restricting antibiotic use in livestock

In December, the FDA asked animal health companies to voluntarily stop using antibiotics to promote growth of meatier cows, pigs, and other livestock. Now, the agency says 25 companies have signed on to its new guidelines, including Eli Lilly's Elanco, Novartis' animal health unit, and Zoetis.

Pfizer's slim-down boosts earnings as Lipitor losses put a damper on sales

Pfizer is on a diet, and it shows. The company pumped up 2013 earnings despite a sizable slide in sales, thanks to layoffs and cost cuts, not to mention the successful spinoff of its animal health business, Zoetis. And it's looking for more of the same for 2014.

FDA asks Lilly, Zoetis to help it thwart antibiotic resistance

It's well-documented that antibiotic resistance is a growing public health threat. Drug-resistant bacteria infect about 2 million Americans a year, causing at least 23,000 deaths, according to CDC data. Now, to keep resistance from mounting, the FDA is rolling out a plan to cut down on antibiotics use in livestock, enlisting the drugs' producers--companies like Eli Lilly and Zoetis--to help them do it.

Breaking up with Pfizer is hard to do, Zoetis chief says, but worth it

Why do Russians prefer cats to dogs? Which livestock drugs are growing fastest? And what are the benefits of being separate from Pfizer?

Pfizer splitting operations into three units

Pfizer is doing some reorganization--the company said Monday that it would split its operations into three distinct units, two focused on "innovative" drugs and a third including so-called "value" business.

Pfizer returns to buyback strategy to appease shareholders

Pfizer has been hit hard by patent losses and some of its new drugs are not performing as well as it would like, but something CEO Ian Read is really strong at is buying back shares, and so he says the company will do it again.

Pfizer offers share exchange to grant Zoetis its freedom

Pfizer is cutting the apron strings at Zoetis. Just months after its highly successful IPO, in which Pfizer sold off a 20% stake, the animal health business is set to become fully independent. Pfizer is offering a stock swap to its shareholders, who can exchange $100 in Pfizer shares for roughly $107 worth of Zoetis stock.

AbbVie, Pfizer's Zoetis deals ignite enormous leap in M&A value

Pfizer's spinoff of its animal health business into Zoetis is the biggest IPO this year. And the spinoff that created the newest Big Pharma company, AbbVie, was no slouch.