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Latest Headlines

Bayer to face new Yaz rivals as patent goes up in flames

After taking a $500 million charge against 2012 earnings for Yaz and Yasmin-related litigation, Bayer has lost its patent fight with three generics makers intent on selling their own copycats.

Worried about blood clots, France weighs new contraceptive limits

French regulators are tightening the purse strings on later-generation contraceptives--and studying limits on their use. Acting on concerns that the pills carry a higher risk of blood clots than older birth-control brands, the country's health ministry will stop paying for third-generation pills beginning March 31.

Bayer takes aim at J&J's Evra with new birth control patch

Bayer, already one of the biggest players in the $8 billion a year contraceptive drug market, is aiming to take on Johnson & Johnson ($JNJ) in Europe with a transparent birth control patch.

Bayer settles Yasmin suits for $212K each, $402M total

That €500 million ($615.8 million) that Bayer set aside to cover its Yaz and Yasmin litigation? A big chunk of it is already spent. The company said it has settled almost 1,900 lawsuits for a total of $402 million-plus. That's an average of about $212,000 per case.

Bayer profits hit by $500M charge for Yaz/Yasmin lawsuits

Bayer set aside $500 million to cover litigation over the Yaz and Yasmin birth control pills, after FDA added blood-clot warnings to their labels in April.

Bloomberg: Bayer to pay $110 million to get out from under 500 Yaz lawsuits

Three months of negotiations have apparently resulted in Bayer deciding that claims against its Yasmin line of birth control are worth about $220,000 each.

FDA adds clotting data to Bayer's Yaz, Yasmin

To make sure doctors and patients are aware of the potential dangers, the pills' labels will now include study data suggesting as much as a threefold increase in clotting risk.

Yaz plaintiffs ask judge to weigh alleged FDA conflicts

Plaintiffs in the Yaz and Yasmin litigation are asking U.S. District Judge David Herndon to check out evidence of possible conflicts-of-interest on an FDA advisory panel that considered the pills'

Judge calls off Yaz trial, orders suits into mediation

The first Yaz trial won't open as scheduled. A federal judge delayed the bellwether patient lawsuit, set for trial next week, and appointed a special master to mediate instead. And this special

Bayer bracing for profit-margin drop

Bayer 's profit margins are dropping as a result of the European debt crisis. The German drug giant is responding as any cautious drug company would--by stocking up on cash, Reuters is reporting.