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Latest Headlines

Actavis to shed 310 jobs in shutdown of NC plant

Actavis says it's planning to close a plant in North Carolina--and cut 310 jobs in the process.

On verge of $13B merger, Valeant and Actavis stop talking

Valeant Pharmaceuticals was on the verge of its biggest deal yet last week. Until merger talks with generics giant Actavis fell apart, that is.

Union sues Warner Chilcott, Watson and Lupin over alleged pay-for-delay deal

A union fund is suing Warner Chilcott, Watson Laboratories and Lupin, claiming that their Loestrin 24 Fe patent settlements amounted to unfair market-sharing deals that cost payers money. Warner's key patent on the formula was weak, the fund claims, and the generics makers only backed away because Warner paid them to.

Forget $4 generics. Free Lipitor copies are the new drug promo

Lipitor as a loss leader? That's the approach Wegmans' pharmacies are taking. As the Philadelphia Inquirer reports, the grocery store chain offers generic versions of Lipitor for free, as a way to bring in new pharmacy customers. And the promotion must be successful--Wegmans just extended it through the end of this year.

Actavis future very bright despite tough quarter

Actavis, the former Watson Pharmaceuticals, said its fourth-quarter earnings paled by comparison to a year ago when it first released an official generic of Lipitor.

Courts: Teva's Cephalon fells Actavis in oral painkiller delivery appeal

A federal appeals court decided in favor of Cephalon in a dispute with Actavis ($ACT) over an oral mucosal drug delivery patent.

Watson becomes Actavis, and already future is muted

Watson Pharmaceuticals is no more. The generic drug company has officially taken the name of its most recent acquisition target, Actavis, thinking it has better brand recognition in the markets where it intends to expand.

Watson beefs up R&D effort with $305M women's health buyout

With an eye to boosting its pipeline of experimental drugs for women's health, generics giant Watson Pharmaceuticals has swooped in and acquired Belgium's Uteron Pharma in a $305 million deal.

Stada exec says board would entertain the right offer

Stada CEO Hartmut Retzlaff has been elusive about what the future holds for the German generics maker, which has often popped up at the center of buyout rumors. But Stada's  Markus Metzger  acknowledged that if someone makes a significant offer, the board would give a good look.

Malaysia's location, domestic market draw Ranbaxy, Cipla, others

With generous tax laws, incentives and a location ideal for servicing Southeast Asia, Malaysia is drawing new plants from manufacturers looking to expand in those markets.