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Latest Headlines

Cadila is latest Indian drugmaker to feel sting of an FDA warning letter

The FDA is continuing its efforts to raise the standards of India's pharma industry, closing out the year with a warning to Cadila Healthcare, the company acknowledged in a report to the Bombay Stock Exchange. The citation follows warnings last year for a host of Indian drugmakers including Sun Pharmaceutical, Dr. Reddy's Laboratories and Mylan's sterile injectable operations in India.

Dr. Reddy's blasted in warning letter for hiding existence of testing lab from FDA

An FDA warning letter found that for years, Dr. Reddy's Laboratories was testing drug batches in a laboratory that the FDA was never told existed and often shipped to the U.S. products that had repeatedly failed tests for impurities.

FDA issues warning letter to Smith & Nephew regarding questionable operations at plant in Andover, MA

The FDA slapped Smith & Nephew with a warning letter for quality-control violations at its Andover, MA, facility related to problems with some of the company's mechanical morcellators for removal of intrauterine tissue. The company has placed a hold on shipments of its Truclear Ultra Reciprocating Morcellator 4.0 while it further investigates customer complaints.

FDA warns manufacturer of failing to report corrections to its device disinfection system

The FDA has issued a stern warning to infection control specialist Cenorin, advising the company to correct violations such as failing to notify the FDA of a correction sent to users of its medical device disinfection system.

Animal health companies not exempt from FDA marketing regs, either

The FDA issued Paris-based AB Science a warning letter regarding its Kinavet-CA1 canine drug, intended for mast cell tumors in dogs, for allegedly boasting its off-label uses without approval.

23andMe digs in as FDA demands tests come off the market

Now that the FDA has fired off a strongly worded rebuke of its Personal Genome Service, 23andMe is standing by the accuracy of its un-approved test, promising to work with regulators but giving no indication that it'll stop selling its sole product.

FDA slams Wockhardt with warning letter on troubled plant

Wockhardt said over the weekend that the FDA had issued a warning letter related to shortfalls at its facility in Waluj, India. Drugs made there had already barred from entry into the U.S., U.K. and EU.

FDA warning letter cites Baxter for mold at plant, hair in infusion products

The FDA has sent Baxter International a warning letter laying out problems it found during inspections at a plant in North Carolina as well as at a plant in Jayuya, Puerto Rico.

Baxter warned for marketing infusion pump minus PMA

The FDA cited Baxter Healthcare for selling an infusion pump without premarket approval. As a result, the company's SIGMA Spectrum Infusion Pump with Master Drug Library is also misbranded, regulators allege in an April 1, 2013, warning letter addressed to Baxter CEO Robert Parkinson, Jr.

Abiomed gets out from under FDA's Impella warning letter

Abiomed has finally steered cleared the FDA's warning letter over how it marketed its Impella 2.5 heart pump, and now the company can focus on improving sales and getting back in investors' good graces.