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Who loses most in Lilly vs. Novo diabetes study? AstraZeneca

Eli Lilly is one step closer to launching its promising new diabetes drug dulaglutide--and one step closer to putting a crimp in Novo Nordisk's big-selling rival, Victoza.

Novo Nordisk targets Mexico for early obesity drug launch

Novo Nordisk has its sights set on Mexico. The Danish drugmaker has put that country next on its list to debut liraglutide in its new guise as a weight-loss drug.

Novo expects to keep pumping out growth in insulin market

Novo Nordisk, the world leader in insulin products, took a big hit this year when the FDA denied approval of its newest long-lasting insulin drug, Tresiba. But CEO Lars Rebien Sørensen is taking every opportunity to let the markets know that Novo has lots of growth in its business.

UPDATED: Novo Nordisk recruiting 400 U.S. sales reps as growth decelerates

With a respectable sales increase and profits growth that beat Big Pharma's, Novo Nordisk's  third-quarter results still fell short of analyst expectations. The reason: Novo's powerhouse diabetes drug Victoza is slowing down a bit.

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Eli Lilly's diabetes strategy doesn't include big staff-up in sales

As Lilly Diabetes President Enrique Conterno tells Bloomberg, the company plans to lean on its broad product portfolio to grow sales, rather than sending out legions of reps to push new drugs brand-by-brand.

Novo Nordisk loses big U.S. contracts; Victoza, NovoLog sales to suffer

Novo Nordisk's diabetes drugs have been revving up sales in the U.S. But the Danish drugmaker has lost two big supply contracts, and that's likely to put a drag on growth.

Easing U.S. drug spending gives Sanofi, Novo room to raise insulin prices

With generics flooding the market, U.S. drug spending fell by about 2% last year. That took pressure off of health insurers and left room for drug price hikes by those companies with drugs in demand, like insulin. Novo Nordisk is one of those companies.

Novo CEO: Correcting course after troubling setbacks

Novo Nordisk's quarterly sales hit 21.38 billion kroner, or about $3.8 billion. Profits amounted to 6.7 billion kroner. And now, the company expects 2013 sales to grow by 11% to 13%, with operating profits up 12% to 15%; previously it was looking for sales growth of 9% to 11%.

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