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Latest Headlines

ProQR tanks after slow enrollment pushes back readout from cystic fibrosis trial

ProQR Therapeutics has pushed back the date on which it expects to deliver data from its cystic fibrosis clinical trials. The delay means it may be late 2016 before ProQR presents data on its challenger to Vertex Pharmaceuticals' grip on the cystic fibrosis market.

Vertex looks to gene therapy, RNA deals to quash takeover talk

Vertex is ready to get its checkbook out to quell talk of it being a takeover target for Biogen and Gilead. The plan is to use the cash flow from recently approved cystic fibrosis drug Orkambi to strike pipeline-broadening deals, with gene therapy and RNA two fields in the company's sights.

UPDATED: Vertex pays $105M to kick off gene editing pact with CRISPR Therapeutics

Setting its sights on a potential cure for cystic fibrosis and sickle cell disease, Vertex is committing $105 million in cash to embrace the gene editing pioneer CRISPR Therapeutics, which has been building a research hub in Cambridge, MA.

Biopharma's 10 highest-paid heads of R&D

The year's 10 highest-paid development executives pulled in $124.4 million in total compensation, a roughly 35% jump over 2013's top earners. And while each entrant benefited from meeting individual company goals, the whole group benefited from biopharma's macroeconomic moment in the sun, as the value of stock awards skyrocketed alongside the industry index.

Vertex beefs up its cystic fibrosis pipeline with $1.2B Parion R&D pact

With its cystic fibrosis combo drug awaiting a likely approval at the FDA, Vertex is beefing up its pipeline in the field, paying $80 million upfront and promising up to $1.1 billion more in milestones to partner with Parion Sciences on a new class of CF-related drugs.

Vertex CEO's $45.8M paycheck spurs call for revolt

Vertex CEO Jeff Leiden took home a pretty penny last year, nabbing a $45.8 million pay package and ranking No. 40 among the highest-paid U.S. execs at publicly traded companies. But not everyone is happy with Leiden's hefty paycheck--and shareholders should do something about it, corporate governance adviser Institutional Shareholder Services told Bloomberg.

Does a $45B Vertex buyout make sense for Gilead? Porges says heck yes

Bernstein's Geoffrey Porges has run the numbers on what a Gilead takeover of Vertex would look like. And he loves what he sees.

Vertex gets 500-patient boost with FDA's newest Kalydeco nod

Vertex will start the new year with a group of new eligible patients for cystic fibrosis drug Kalydeco, thanks to a Monday green light from the FDA.

Broad's David Altshuler tapped as new CSO at Vertex

Today, Vertex announced that David Altshuler, the deputy director and chief academic officer of the legendary Broad Institute, will be the Boston biotech's new CSO, taking the place of the pioneering Peter Mueller.

The top 15 late-stage blockbusters in the pipeline

In recent years it's been the big biotechs in the U.S. which have registered approvals for the drugs most likely to succeed on the market. But in reviewing EvaluatePharma's recent picks for top Phase III drugs, it's interesting to see some prominent positions among the Big Pharma crowd. Read the full report >>