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Latest Headlines

Recent controversy hasn't hurt brand value for Pfizer, Valeant: report

Pfizer and Valeant both posted brand valuation increases greater than 30% in this year's Brand Finance ranking.

Pfizer and Valeant jump in annual brand analysis, but most other pharmas drop

Newsmaker pharmas Pfizer and Valeant Pharmaceuticals both saw brand valuation increases of more than 30% in this year's Brand Finance ranking.

Valeant chief calls on Medicare to allow controversial copay help from pharma

Drug companies can't currently help Medicare patients pay for out-of-pocket drug costs. But Valeant, which has come under the lens for its price-hike strategy, wants to change that.

Media-magnet hearing on Capitol Hill gets underway, with Valeant, Turing under spotlight

Pharma eyes are watching Capitol Hill on Thursday, where drug-price hikes will go on trial in a much-publicized congressional committee hearing. Valeant interim CEO Howard Schiller and ex-Turing Pharmaceuticals chief Martin Shkreli will get a grilling, though Schiller is the only one expected to answer any questions.

Valeant's Bausch + Lomb recalls more than 1M bottles of eye med

Valeant's Bausch + Lomb has voluntarily initiated a massive recall of an eye dilation med after learning that more than 1 million bottles may have been shipped with the wrong medication insert.

Valeant shells out $400K a month in hazard pay for interim CEO Schiller

Interim Valeant CEO Howard Schiller has taken the reins at a tough time for the company. But the way the company sees it, he's reaping an appropriate reward.

Turing, Valeant hiked prices for max profits, then scrambled to quash the bad PR: Documents

Later this week, former Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO Martin Shkreli and interim Valeant CEO Howard Schiller will appear before Congress to answer for their companies' mammoth price increases. They'll also have to answer for the methods they used to draw attention away from those hikes.

Angered by Walgreens deal, Express Scripts blocks access to Valeant's Glumetza

PBM giant Express Scripts has long been a leader in the fight to tamp down drug prices, and now, it's using its formulary power to freeze out a diabetes drug from controversial Valeant.

Big Pharma chalks up victory in Arizona Supreme Court over Rx safety warnings

Big Pharma can celebrate a bright point. Arizona's top court ruled that drugmakers don't have an obligation to warn patients directly about safety risks of their meds. Raising those warnings with doctors is enough, the court determined.

Valeant's ill CEO Pearson on the 'road to recovery,' but still no timeline for his return

Valeant's pneumonia-stricken CEO, J. Michael Pearson, is on the mend, according to a letter he penned to his colleagues on Monday. But as to when he'll be back at work, it's still up in the air.