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Latest Headlines

Valeant CEO's 2014 pay pales in comparison to new EVP's $50M-plus

Valeant Pharmaceuticals CEO J. Michael Pearson took down more than $10 million last year, including a whopping $8 million in incentive pay. But the real surprises in the company's 2015 proxy statement are farther down the chart.

Allergan drops Valeant-Ackman insider trading lawsuit

Allergan--now owned by Actavis--and its former hostile suitors, Valeant and Bill Ackman's Pershing Square, are putting the past behind them.

Watch out, Valeant. Concordia's joining the buy-to-grow pharma business

Serial acquirer Valeant may have a mini-me in Concordia Healthcare--but it's a mini-me that could just wind up luring investors away from the Quebec-based drugmaker.

Valeant starts $500M in Salix cost-cutting with 250 layoffs

After closing its deal for Salix Pharmaceuticals, Valeant wasted no time getting down to business with the cost-cutting it's known for. And now, North Carolina's Triangle area has another 250-plus pharma layoffs to add to a growing list.

Germany's cost watchdog decides Valeant's Provenge has added benefit after all

In January, Germany's cost watchdog decided that Dendreon's--now Valeant's--Provenge had no added benefit for men with metastatic prostate cancer. But now, it's changing its tune.

Departed Salix execs score $47M with Valeant buyout

Valeant wasn't the only one that scored a win when Salix Pharmaceuticals agreed to its $173-per-share buyout offer. Two former Salix execs--who left the company recently amid inventory issues--will make a pretty penny on the deal as well.

Endo's shown it's willing to spend. But with Salix gone, what's left worth buying?

As Endo showed last week with its failed $10 billion bid for North Carolina's Salix, it's willing to shell out some serious dough if the right target comes along. The question is, what's left?

UPDATED: Sorry, Endo. Valeant's back on top with $173-per-share Salix bid

So you thought you could wrestle Salix away from Valeant, Endo? The Canadian pharma has a message for you: Think again.

UPDATED: Endo aims to lure Salix from Valeant with $175-per-share offer

Last month, some industry watchers speculated that the low price Valeant agreed to pay for North Carolina's Salix could leave room for other bids. And now, one has arrived, courtesy of Endo International.

Activist investor Ackman nabs $3B-plus stake in former takeover partner Valeant

Billionaire investor Bill Ackman spent quite a large chunk of 2014 talking up Valeant Pharmaceuticals and its business model--and now, he's putting his money where his mouth is.