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Latest Headlines

Valeant to acquire IBSchek to complement its irritable bowel syndrome med

The addition of Commonwealth Laboratories' blood test for irritable bowel syndrome in the U.S. and Canada will help Valeant's drug compete with rival Allergan in that therapeutic arena. The cost of the impending transaction was not disclosed, but it includes sales-based milestone payments in addition to up upfront payment.

Valeant switches up sales force compensation model

Valeant's sales force is already undergoing a realignment, but now, it's changing up its rep compensation model, too.

Forecast-beating Valeant ups 2015 guidance with fast-growing Xifaxan in mind

Valeant's M&A-focused business model may have its critics, but it came through for the company in Q2, helping it beat analyst estimates for both EPS and revenue.

Valeant gets manufacturing in Middle East with deal for Amoun

With its $800 million deal for Amoun Pharmaceutical, Valeant picks up what the Egyptian drugmaker says is one of the largest and most up-to-date pharmaceutical facilities in Africa and the Middle East.

Valeant grabs a Middle Eastern foothold with $800M pact for Egypt's Amoun

Last month, reports said Valeant was stepping up talks on a deal for one of Egypt's largest drugmakers. And now, it's pulled the trigger.

Valeant to commercialize and manufacture EyeGate's eye drug delivery device

Valeant Pharmaceuticals will commercialize and manufacture a delivery system and reformulated, topically active corticosteroid to treat uveitis developed EyeGate.

Valeant, BioMarin, Hospira churn up pharma's biggest H1 stock gains

The first half of 2015 is over and done, and as companies prep their earnings releases, we're looking at a different sort of scorecard: the one filled out by investors. In the realm of stock performance, some big drugmakers delivered big gains over the first half of the year.

Drug price increases hit record for Q2, with no sign of slowdown, analysts say

We've heard plenty of anecdotal reports about expensive drugs, from the long-running brouhaha over Gilead Sciences' hepatitis C drugs to the consternation about pricey new cancer meds. But occasionally, there's a broader view--and not surprisingly, that shows some impressive price inflation, too.

Valeant can have Zoetis, Bayer says. We have our hands full already

Whether animal health leader Zoetis receives any more buyout offers after Valeant's reported approach remains to be seen. But if it does, Bayer's leaders insist a competing bid won't be coming from them.

Can Valeant keep its debt-fueled M&A binge going strong enough? That's the question

Serial dealmaker Valeant seems to have bounced back since its failed bid for Allergan in November. The Canadian pharma has since inked two deals and is rumored to have another one in the works.