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Latest Headlines

UPDATED: Sanofi's and Regeneron's Praluent wins top billing on UnitedHealth Group's formulary

Sanofi and Regeneron's Praluent will be UnitedHealth Group's "preferred" drug for treating superhigh LDL cholesterol. The partners said that UnitedHealth Group will provide preferred access to both doses for the injected Praluent through OptumRx and UnitedHealthcare across a spectrum of commercial, Medicare, and Managed Medicaid patients.

Sanofi's Praluent scores first place in line for UnitedHealth unit's PCSK9 patients

Here's one way to privilege a new drug over its rival without blocking one entirely: Make patients try your favored product first. That's what UnitedHealth's Oxford unit is doing with the two new cholesterol-fighting PCSK9 drugs, Bloomberg reports, citing a policy update.

UnitedHealth uses newfound scale to negotiate pay-for-performance deals

Newly bulked-up UnitedHealth now boasts the U.S.' third largest pharmacy benefits business--and it's using its scale to push for refunds when meds don't live up to their billing, it says.

Heavyweight PBMs mean trouble for Big Pharma's pricey new meds

The good news for drugmakers, after UnitedHealth agreed to buy Catamaran: You might need fewer staffers to negotiate with pharmacy benefits managers, now that 1 billion U.S. scripts a year will be controlled by three players.

UnitedHealth to require prior authorization for gynecological procedures amid morcellator pushback

Amid growing backlash over the use of laparoscopic power morcellator devices in minimally invasive gynecological procedures, the U.S.'s largest health insurer is tightening its reins on coverage for hysterectomies.

UPDATED: Dx company Alere sells its health services unit for $600M amid continued restructuring

Alere continued down the path of deleveraging and refocusing on its core competency in diagnostics with the sale of its Alere Health unit to Optum, a part of the insurance company UnitedHealth Group for $600 million.

UnitedHealth lobbies for molecular Dx management

With use of molecular diagnostics tests widely expected to skyrocket in the coming decade, UnitedHealth Group is getting increasingly nervous about the trend and looking for ways to manage their use and expense.

UnitedHealth wins access to GSK plaintiff names

A Philadelphia judge has opened the door for UnitedHealth to file subrogation claims against GlaxoSmithKline on behalf of some of its members who may have been injured by the drugmaker's products.

UnitedHealth targets cancer-drug payments

UnitedHealth is ramping up a reimbursement test that could have long-term effects on sales of the most expensive cancer drugs. The insurer will test a payment system that reimburses oncologists for

UnitedHealth to steer patients away from Vytorin, Zetia

More pressure on Merck's cholesterol franchise: UnitedHealth Group is doubling the co-pays on Zetia and Vytorin. Beginning July 1, patients will have to pay $50 to $60 for those cholesterol