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Latest Headlines

Sanofi beefs up social media channels with Spanish Twitter push

Sanofi has added a new Twitter handle to its Iberian lineup, @Sanofifarmacia, designed to create a pool of reference information and help community pharmacies in Spain promote their businesses.

Twitter praises Boehringer for social media savvy

Which pharma companies are getting it right when it comes to social media? As far as Twitter is concerned, Boehringer Ingelheim is up there.

Twitter explains how Boehringer is winning on social media

Biopharma has encountered more critics than cheerleaders as it has cautiously edged into social media, but Boehringer Ingelheim has recently won a high-profile supporter: Twitter. In a case study, the social network praised Boehringer's use of its platform.

The top 10 pharma companies in social media

Chatting with the public is not in pharma's comfort zone. Drugmakers are adept at the one-way communication known as direct-to-consumer advertising, and some of them deal well with the media....

FDA: The social media guidance puzzle will be complete by July

Forget a unified theory of social media from the FDA. It's going to be more of a puzzle-piece approach. As  Regulatory Focus  reports, the FDA plans to issue several more sets of rules for pharma companies using Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, et al.  

Twitter-driven stock furor prompts exchange to fine Medivir

Drugmakers normally want to see a positive stock market reaction to the release of their clinical trial data, but such a surge has landed Medivir in trouble with the Swedish stock exchange. The problem? A conference attendee shared the data on Twitter, sparking a rollercoaster day for Medivir's stock.

Drugmakers, beware of tweets that trigger stock moves

Stockholm's stock exchange slapped local drugmaker Medivir for violating disclosure rules. The fine is 384,000 Swedish kronor, or about $58,750. So, the penalty itself doesn't make this infraction worth talking about--but the rationale behind it does.

Pfizer finally takes control of Twitter account

When Pfizer came to set up its Twitter account in 2009, the social network was already a big deal, with users sending 100,000 tweets per hour when Michael Jackson died. Arriving late to the party meant the @Pfizer handle was already taken. Now, four years later, Pfizer has finally claimed the account.

Scientists increasingly receptive to life science vendors on social media

Life science vendors face a balancing act when using social media. Giving users the hard sell will bring rejection and reflect badly on the company, but a softly-softly plan might not be noticed at all. Fortunately for vendors, a survey suggests scientists are increasingly accepting of companies on Facebook and Twitter.

Novo Nordisk among latest to join pharma flock on Twitter

Novo Nordisk and other drugmakers have boosted their online profiles on the social media platform Twitter, writes PMLiVE. As the publication notes, the latest participants show that it's never too late for major pharma groups to join Twitter.