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Latest Headlines

Facing a PR crisis? Teva France's chief has some hard-won advice

Last June, reports surfaced that a patient had died, allegedly because of Teva's diuretic, Furosémide. In an interview with EuropeanCEO, Teva France CEO Erick Roche outlined how he helped the company survive the PR onslaught.

Teva hit with $27.6M settlement in clozapine kickback case

Israel's Teva Pharmaceutical has agreed to pay $27.6 million to settle allegations that it illegally paid a Chicago doctor to prescribe the generic antipsychotic drug clozapine to Medicare and Medicaid patients.

Can Teva persuade payers that pricey long-acting Copaxone beats cheap generics?

Teva is on a mission. The goal: switch as many multiple sclerosis patients as possible over to the new version of Copaxone before the current product loses patent protection in May. So far, Teva has reached 85,000 of them; to do so, Bloomberg reports, the company has started emailing patients registered with its 24-hour patient-support hotline.

Feds target Teva in probe of Copaxone, Azilect marketing

After investigating Teva Pharmaceutical Industries for potential bribery overseas in 2012, U.S. prosecutors have turned to Teva's marketing, eyeing two branded medications, its top-selling multiple sclerosis drug Copaxone and its Parkinson's disease treatment Azilect.

MDxHealth teams up with Teva to distribute its prostate, brain cancer tests

Belgium's MDxHealth has partnered with generics maker Teva Pharmaceuticals to commercialize its ConfirmMDx for prostate cancer and PredictMDx for glioblastoma tests in Israel.

UPDATED: Corks are a-popping at Teva with FDA nod for its new Copaxone formula

Brace yourselves for the Teva Pharmaceutical Industries marketing blitz. The company won FDA approval Tuesday evening for its new, three-times-a-week Copaxone, and Teva needs to convert as many patients as possible to the new version before the original goes off patent in May.

WSJ: Teva close to CEO choice, with acting CEO and ex-Actavis chief still up for the job

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries is said to be close to choosing Israeli executive Erez Vigodman to take its empty CEO chair, but as the Wall Street Journal reports, some other candidates are still in the running.

Top 10 Drug Patent Losses of 2014

In a way, the coming year isn't a big one for patent expirations. The total amount of sales jeopardized by patent expirations is $34 billion. That's more than the $28 billion this year, but...

Teva denies CEO weighing an exit over board's meddling

Clearly Israel is full of chatter about Teva Pharmaceutical Industries and its latest round of cost-cutting plans. The latest, according to an Israeli television report: CEO Jeremy Levin is considering making an exit. It's not the first such suggestion; During the company's second-quarter earnings call, Goldman Sachs analyst Jami Rubin wondered aloud about the board's support--or lack thereof--for Levin.

Teva ex-chairman: Execs should share layoffs pain with 10% pay cut

That Teva workers are striking to protest job cuts isn't all that unusual in the pharma business these days. That they're protesting executive pay is somewhat more unusual. That a prominent shareholder advises an accompanying pay cut for top executives and directors? That's definitely unusual.