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Latest Headlines

Gilead sales leap 21%, thanks to fast-growing HIV pills Stribild, Complera

All the buzz about Gilead Sciences lately has been about hepatitis C. And no wonder: It has Sovaldi on its hands, a brand-new, breakthrough treatment expected to barrel past the blockbuster barrier almost immediately--and hit up to $7 billion in sales this year.

Just as hep C star Sovaldi makes its debut, Gilead commercial chief says he'll retire

Gilead Sciences just rolled out its much-anticipated hepatitis C treatment Sovaldi (sofosbuvir) last month. Now, the company's commercial chief is saying sayonara. EVP Kevin Young will retire Feb. 4, leaving his team to soldier on alone with the Sovaldi launch.

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Gilead profits surge 63%, but not where Wall Street expected

Gilead Sciences was in a position to say, "I told you so," when its first quarter earnings fell a little short of Wall Street expectations Thursday. Profits were still up 63% even as sales of older HIV drugs came in shy of forecasts.

FDA rejects two of the four drugs in Gilead's blockbuster HIV drug Stribild

The refusals for elvitegravir and cobicistat on a standalone basis were triggered after inspectors were left shaking their heads following a checkup on Gilead's "documentation and validation of certain quality testing procedures and methods."

Which drugs are the biggest duds in blockbuster-land?

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Should Gilead's quad pill get an exclusivity extension from FDA?

One of Gilead Sciences' ($GILD) 2012 victories was winning FDA approval for its so-called "Quad" pill for AIDS. Officially dubbed Stribild, the drug puts four HIV fighters into one oral treatment taken once a day.

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Truvada use expected to be limited in U.S.

For all of the attention Gilead's Truvada has gotten as the first FDA-approved vaccine to be used to prevent HIV infections, there is little expectation that it will get widespread use in the U.S.

Gilead draws early fire for new HIV med's $28K price

Gilead Sciences ($GILD) hardly had time to celebrate FDA's approval of its new HIV treatment Stribild, aka the Quad. The company announced Stribild's price tag--$28,500--and critics pounced.