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Latest Headlines

FDA gives scientists freedom to tweet in long-awaited social media policy

The regulator, which has faced criticism in the past over its failure to establish a policy, set out its position in a 12-page document.

The eyes may have it, but pharma still needs convincing on branded visual comms

Visual and video content is surging online, already making up more than half of all consumer web traffic. While pharma marketers in general have lagged behind in adopting traditional consumer strategies, one digital agency is lobbying its drugmakers to consider visual content.

Want to get a warning letter from OPDP? Omit drug risks from your promos

Sometimes it seems that the FDA has a scattershot approach to policing pharma marketing, with warning letters few and far between--and some of them lobbed from left field. But there's one tried-and-true way to invite unwanted attention from the agency's marketing police: Leave side effects out of drug promos, according to an analysis presented at a recent conference.

Turing Pharma price hike debacle tars entire pharma industry's reputation

How much damage can one person do? In the case of the pharma industry this week, the answer was quite a lot. That one person was Martin Shkreli, the CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, who hiked the price of its newly purchased toxoplasmosis drug Daraprim by more than 5000%. Universal social media criticism and outrage over "price gouging" followed, along with a financial hit to biotech stocks.

Rough waters for pharma's U.S. pricing power, yes. Sea change? Nope

This could go down in pharma history as the week that drug pricing met pop culture. But this week won't be remembered as the one when drugmakers lost their long-standing pricing power in the U.S. That, at least, was the word from analysts and at least one top pharma CEO as politicians vowed a crackdown.

More followers and more daily tweeting as Big Pharma's Twitter presence grows

Tweet on, drugmakers. Not only is Twitter use by pharma companies on the rise, but so is interest in what they've got to say. A recent survey by the Eye on FDA blog found more daily interactions on Twitter by pharma, along with a marked increase in followers versus last year.

UPDATED: Big Pharma misses the cut for new list of top healthcare tweeters

Pharma execs are still sitting on the social media sidelines, according to one new assessment. BrandFog social media consultancy has come up with its first top 20 list of healthcare and pharma Twitter influencers and not one pharma company staffer is on it.

Novartis tweaks Pinterest to create malaria-fighting graphic novel

Novartis is already one of the most active drugmakers in the digital realm, with an assortment of smartphone apps and thousands of followers on its Twitter handles. And now, Novartis is using an oft-overlooked social network in the pharma world--Pinterest--for a campaign that turns the image-oriented site into a storyteller. 

Kardashian's FDA infraction shows policing pharma social media isn't easy

Are pharma social media FDA infractions slipping through the cracks? It took more than three weeks for the FDA to notice Kim Kardashian's regulation-bending Instagram post paid for by anti-morning sickness drug Duchesnay's Diclegis. Similar misleading claims on social media might be going unnoticed altogether,  Vox  suggests.

The 'Kardashian Effect' on pharma begs the question: Does social media influence drug requests?

The "Kardashian Effect"--it's a term to describe the way reality TV's Kardashian family, especially daughter Kim, influences beauty and fashion trends. Now, the Kardashian Effect has come to pharma.