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Latest Headlines

Merck wins FDA nod for new Zetia-Lipitor combo, despite lack of outcomes benefit

Merck will soon launch a new cholesterol combo that melds its Zetia drug with generic Lipitor. The Zetia-plus-statin approach isn't new, of course; Merck already sells Vytorin, a combination of Zetia and its own off-patent statin Zocor, known generically as Simvastatin.

Merck augments Januvia franchise with statin combo

Merck ($MRK) just extended its Januvia franchise with the FDA approval of Juvisync, a combination pill comprised of the company's diabetes drug and its now-off-patent cholesterdol pill Zocor

FDA tightens up use of high-dose Zocor

The FDA is putting the brakes on high doses of the Merck statin drug simvastatin, sold under the brand name Zocor and in generic versions. The drug has been linked with a risk of muscle injury,

U.K. aims to put 1.5M on preventive statins

New U.K. guidelines for heart-attack prevention could be a major windfall for statin-makers. The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence wants docs to search their patient rolls for