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Latest Headlines

Shire chalks up victory in Vyvanse patent battle

Shire is celebrating a victory as a U.S. Court of Appeals upheld its patents for Vyvanse, shielding the med from generic competition while protecting its bottom line even as its has launched a $30 billion buyout run at Baxalta.

Shire casts about for creative ways to woo Baxalta shareholders

After some serious pushback from Baxalta, Shire is weighing options when it comes to sweetening its $30.6 billion bid for the company. But it's not even sure how to go about doing it.

Report: Baxalta's $2B plot to buy Ariad broke down over price

Last week's buzz that Baxalta, angling to shake off some unwanted buyout attention from Shire, had set sights on Ariad Pharmaceuticals sent the latter company's shares soaring. But negotiations between the two have since fallen apart, according to Bloomberg.

Shire and Sangamo break up their gene-editing partnership

Shire and Sangamo Biosciences are going their separate ways after three-plus years of collaboration in gene editing, with each company hanging on to the programs best aligned to its goals.

Buzz: Ariad soars on reports that Baxalta has come calling about a buyout

Shire has been quiet since making its unwelcomed $30 billion bid to acquire Baxalta public earlier this month. But Baxalta evidently isn't waiting for the next step to play out in that dance. Bloomberg is reporting this afternoon that Baxalta is hunting for an acquisition around the $2 billion mark that would add to its hematology pipeline.

Shire works deal with Sanquin so it can boost production of rare disease drug

When Shire shelled out $4.2 billion for ViroPharma a couple of years ago, it picked up the rare disease drug Cinryze, but what it didn't get in the deal was complete control over manufacturing of the rare disease drug. That had been ceded by ViroPharma to Sanquin Blood Supply. But Shire has now worked a deal with Amsterdam-based Sanquin that will allow it to add more contract manufacturers and so boost production of the treatment.

Shire rejigs manufacturing deal to step up Cinryze production

Shire has big plans for rare-disease drug Cinryze, which it acquired through its ViroPharma buyout. And it's struck a new deal to make sure it has the capacity to realize them.

Vyvanse set to steal ADHD share in back-to-school meds rush

As kids start heading back to school--and getting back on their ADHD meds--one analyst expected Shire's Vyvanse to steal market share from Johnson & Johnson's Concerta. And so far, the med is meeting his expectations.

Shire might dial up its $30B Baxalta offer, but not without more info

Shire may consider upping its pitch for Baxalta, but first it needs more details on the financial future of its target.

Shire raise its $30B Baxalta bid? It's going to need some details first

Earlier this week, Baxalta CEO Ludwig Hantson called Shire's $30 billion bid for his company a "lowball" offer, urging shareholders instead to look to Baxalta's standalone growth prospects. But before Shire raises its proposal, it needs some more details on just what those are.