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Latest Headlines

UPDATED: Clearing out of Pennsylvania, Shire warns of expected 'mass layoff'

Shire is pushing ahead with plans to shift hundreds of workers out of Pennsylvania and into its Boston-area headquarters. The biotech filed notice with the state of Pennsylvania that it is downsizing its operations at its Chesterbrook, PA, campus by 600 staffers. And the company is confirming that the bulk of those jobs are headed to Lexington, MA.

Chronic disease therapies dominate top-selling drugs in Taiwan

Seventy percent of the 20 best-selling drugs in Taiwan are for treating blood pressure, strokes and other chronic diseases.

Startup Akili partners with nonprofit Autism Speaks to test video game

Akili Interactive Labs has partnered with the nonprofit Autism Speaks to conduct a clinical trial of its cognitive assessment and personalized treatment video game.

As Shire gears up to push Vyvanse for binge eating, critics worry about abuse

Shire is pushing full steam ahead to get the word out on binge eating disorder, the new indication it snagged for blockbuster Vyvanse last month.

UPDATED: Shire's Vyvanse brand team draws fire for aggressive binge-eating push

Shire is pushing full steam ahead to get the word out on binge eating disorder, the new indication it snagged for blockbuster Vyvanse last month. But some doctors think the Dublin drugmaker may be taking the marketing a bit too far, considering Vyvanse's abuse potential.

Shire's shopping spree continues with a $245M deal to buy PhIII-ready Meritage

Fresh from completing a $5 billion deal for NPS Pharma, Shire stopped to bag a small San Diego biotech, picking up Meritage Pharma and a Phase III-ready rare disease drug for $70 million upfront and a slate of unspecified milestones.

Shire touts R&D benefits in defense of tax model

Shire CEO Flemming Ornskov has come out fighting against vocal critics of the company's tax model. As Ornskov sees it, Shire's tax structure is fully legal, similar to the model used by around 500 companies and beneficial to patients.

Genzyme touts postmarket study of Cerdelga, the only first-line oral therapy for Gaucher disease

Rare disease specialist Genzyme talked up the results of a study published in  The Journal of the American Medical Association  concluding that the only first-line oral therapy for Gaucher disease reduced spleen size 28% compared to placebo after 9 months.

Shire and Valeant are reportedly eyeing $10B bids for Salix

Salix Pharmaceuticals, moving on from an embarrassing inventory scandal, is reportedly headed for a bidding war between two larger companies with diametric approaches to the business of developing drugs.

UPDATED: Valeant, Shire prep Salix bids

Earlier this month, rumors started swirling that Valeant was talking with its advisers about a potential bid for North Carolina's Salix Pharmaceuticals. Now, it's reportedly one step closer to making that happen--but it may not be alone.